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service 外貿學堂 2 次瀏覽 沒有評論




(1)What time would be convenient for you?你看什么時間比較方便?

(2) I’d like to suggest a toast to our cooperation.我想建議為我們的合作干一杯。

(3)Here is to our next project!為我們下一個項目干杯!

(4)Would you please tell me when you are free?請問你什么時候有空?

(5)Glad to have the opportunity of visiting your company and I hope to conclude some business with you。很高興能有機會拜訪貴公司,希望能與你們做成交易。

(6)What I care about is the quality of the goods.我關心的是貨物的質量。

(7)Please have a look at those samples.請給我看一下那些樣品。

(8)I’d like to know any business connections abroad.我想多了解一些你們公司。

(9)I would be happy to supply samples and a price list for you.我很樂意提供樣品和價格單給你。(10)Can I have your price list?你能給我價格單嗎?

(11)Will you give us an indication of prices?你可以給我報一個指示性的價格嗎?

(12)I ‘m in charge of export business.我負責出口生意。

(13)I’m thinking of ordering some of your goods.我正考慮向你們訂貨。

(14)What about the prices?那價格方面怎么樣?

(15)Let’s call it a deal.好,成交!

(16)Our product is the best seller.我們的產品最暢銷。

(17)Our product is really competitive in the word market.我們的產品在國際市場上很有競爭力。

(18)Our products have been sold in a number of areas abroad.我們的產品行銷海外許多地區。(19)It’s our principle in business to honor the contract and keep our promise.”重合同,守信用”是我們經營的原則。

(20)I wish you success in your business transaction.祝你生意興隆。



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